Tests 2 go -Important Information & FAQ’s

Tests 2 go FAQ's and important information:

You must have proof of a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test to travel to England and you must take a test even if;

  •  you have been fully vaccinated
  •  you are traveling from a country or territory on the green list
  •  you are a UK citizen

You must take the test in the 3 days before the service on which you will arrive in England departs. For the latest guidelines and rules, please visit the Government website.


Our Lateral flow tests are an approved instant self-test option which is recognised way of checking the presence of the COVID-19 virus when it is active in your body.

Our lateral flow test kits are small cassettes, approximately 5cm long, with a well into which you put a few drops of sample.  It has a bar which displays the result of your test and whether the test is working properly. Each cassette has a QR and unique identified on the cassette which helps to validate the test result.

You must carefully read the simple manufacturer’s instructions which come with the test kit, in conjunction with the instructions for users provided by NPH Group.  You will also be guided through the process, one step at a time using our mobile app, which collects the evidence of the test process and result, including photographic evidence.

The test kit we use has been specifically selected because it is licenced for self-test use and because it requires a sample to be taken from the front of both nostrils rather than the back of the nose or throat. This makes it much more comfortable and ensures you will be able to collect a good sample using a suitable swab. Once you have collected a sample from both nostrils, you simply place the end of the swab into a tube of solution provided. You then place a cap on the tube, and it becomes a dropper, which you use to add drops to the well on the cassette. A control line will appear within 30secs to confirm the test kit is working as expected.  The test result is available to see on the cassette after 15min.

Yes. When the virus is active in your body, even if you are not be displaying symptoms, the test kits we use have been independently verified to be 98.8% accurate. The tests kits are also CE Marked, MHRA approved and on the European Council antigen test kits list.

The test kits have also been through Porton Down which assesses all lateral flow tests for the DHSC and UK Government, and our kits have been validated as accurate for different viral loads, including those from asymptomatic patients, and for new variants.

You simply follow the instructions on how to do the test using our mobile app enter the required details at each stage in the process and then on completion of the process, your results will be displayed to you immediately via the app and by email.

Due to the risk of contamination and cross infection of Covid-19, we are unable to accept return of Covid-19 test kits once they have been dispatched.

In very rare cases, your rapid-antigen test kit might show an inconclusive or void result, in such cases we will issue a full refund upon receiving evidence of the test results.

You may cancel your rapid-antigen test kit order at any time before the test kit is being dispatched. Once the test kit is dispatched, we are unable to provide any refunds.

We are unable to issue refunds in case of delays due to the postal service. Once your test kit is being dispatched, we have no control over the delivery of the test kit. You will be provided with a tracking number and if you miss a delivery, you are fully responsible to arrange a redelivery or pick up from the local depot.

We are unable to issue a refund for delays in receiving testing kits or findings from the laboratory due to causes outside our control, such as postal delays or delays in the laboratory processing the kits.

If you submit an incorrect address, your kit will be delivered to the incorrect address. Therefore, the onus is on the customer to ensure that the right address is submitted.

In no case, should predeparture.co.uk be liable to a refund or damages above the cost of the test kit price paid by the customer, as far as allowed by the law.

Once you’ve purchased the day 2 and day 8 mandatory services, you won’t be able to cancel the contract. As per UK government guidelines, all positive, negative and inconclusive test results must be reported to Public Health England.

If any specific term of this policy is not enforceable by law, the remainder of the policy should remain valid and enforceable law.

The above refund policy refers to change of mind only and does not affect the statutory rights you have as a consumer e.g. the right to cancel, or the right to return items, which are faulty or not as described (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.