Newcastle Airport Pricing and Turnaround Times

COVID-19 testing:

Travel requirements

A negative COVID-19 status is essential for safe travel, and we provide testing at Newcastle Airport that aims to make COVID-19 testing accessible, affordable, and reliable for all travellers.

The service is supported by state-of-the-art testing laboratories within easy reach of the airports, ensuring prices are kept to a minimum and results can be turned around quickly.

You can simply visit our booking page below to book a test at a date and time to suit. You then arrive for your test and receive your results next day (or within 1 hour if having an Antigen test)

How we can help with testing 

At both Newcastle Airport, we offer a range of Covid-19 tests required for travel:

  • PCR Fit to Fly
  • PCR Test to Release
  • Rapid Antigen Tests
  • Day 2 & Day 8 Travel pack

  • PCR test costs £99 per person and results are provided by email next day.
  • Rapid Antigen test costs £39 per person and results will be emailed to you within 1 hour after your appointment time.
  • Test to Release test costs £99 per person and results are provided by email next day.
  • Day 2 & Day 8 Tests are sold separately at £95 each and results are provided via email next day.

*All turnaround times are not guaranteed, please see T&Cs for details

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