Leeds Bradford Airport Fit to Fly FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you require a PCR test, you can make a booking via the link here. You will need to choose the date and time of your test to ensure it meets your travel requirements, before making payment online.

Parking is free when attending your appointment at the Viking car park testing centre.

It is your own responsibility to make sure your passport has not expired, and has sufficient time remaining on it to comply with all rules in place for your destination country.

You can do so here: Check a passport for travel to Europe – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Our systems are not linked to government systems so it would not flag this type of information.

You can email the team at lba.testing@nph-group.co.uk

Emails are monitored daily and will usually be responded to within 24 hours.

If you have attended an appointment with multiple people (e.g. family members) and their results have come back before yours, please don’t chase your result until it has been 48 hours. Results are processed in no specific order, so can come back separately.

*All turnaround times are not guaranteed, please see T&Cs for details

If you have been a client of NPH previously and we already have an email address saved on your record, we advise you to use the same email address, when booking your appointment. This will ensure you receive your booking confirmation via the same email.

If you are a new client, you can use any email address to receive your booking confirmation.

If there are several members of your group and you require multiple tests, appointments will need to be booked for each of you separately.

Once your appointment has been booked and you have received your confirmation, simply arrive at the NPH testing facility at Leeds Bradford Airport with your booking confirmation and passport, at least 10 but preferably 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow you time to be directed into the car park. You will be directed to enter the clinic 5 minutes before your appointment is due to take place. Following check-in, a trained clinician will carry out your test. The test will be analysed in our quality approved laboratory and you will receive your certificate via your email 48 hours after your appointment. The certificate will clearly state your result, and whether you are Fit To Fly or NOT Fit To Fly.

*All turnaround times are not guaranteed, please see T&Cs for details

A PCR test is priced at only £99.00 per person. This includes parking at the airport whilst you have the test which will be undertaken by a qualified clinician and analysed by our local quality approved laboratory.  We regret that will not be able to refund a booked appointment if it is within 48 hours of your appointment time.

*All turnaround times are not guaranteed, please see T&Cs for details

Due to the rare occasions when demand on the booking system may be high, or if you have problems with your internet connection, it is possible that you may encounter a problem when processing your payment.  If this happens, do not attempt to rebook your appointment even if prompted to ‘try again’, as you may be charged again. Instead, email lba.testing@nph-group.co.uk, and we will check your booking and if necessary complete it for you.  This will avoid you having to be charged a £4 cancellation fee for each appointment booked, to recover our cost of a booking error(s).

You can rebook or cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before your current appointment date and time. If you cancel your appointment, there will be a £4 cancellation fee for each booking. An email link will be sent to you to process your refund.

You can rebook or cancel your appointment online by following the link in your booking confirmation email.

Please ensure that you enter your postcode when prompted again when entering your payment card details.

This will appear at the end of the line once you have entered your card number and CVV security number.

  • Appointments must be booked separately.
  • All appointment booking details must be for the individual attending the appointment.
  • You must make sure that you book and pay for one appointment at a time.
  • The same payment details can be used for each individual purchase.

Once you have parked and you are directed to the main entrance door of the test facility, you will be instructed on each step of the journey through the test centre, reporting first to the Reception. When instructed, you will be called forward for your test. They will give you some instructions and talk you through the process. When they do the swab, samples will be taken from your throat then your nose. Please avoid eating for an hour or two prior to testing and bring a bottle of water in case you would like a drink after your swab.

At the moment we are providing Fit To Fly certificates using the Clarigene™ SARS-CoV-2 assay.

This depends on where you are travelling to. We recommend you speak with your airline, tour operator or review the Government guidance for your destination in the first instance.

Testing capacity is limited; therefore, we recommend you book your test as early as possible to ensure the appointment date and time you require is available.

A test is usually required 48-72 hours before arrival at your destination, however, this can vary. Therefore, we advise you to check with your airline, tour operator or on the Government website for the latest advice for your destination.

This depends on where you are travelling to. We recommend that you speak with your airline, tour operator or refer to the latest Government guidance for your destination to determine the specific requirements.

Yes, you will receive a certificate via email within 48 hours of your test.

Testing will take place at the Viking Airport Parking facility located close to Leeds Bradford Airport.

All PCR tests are carried out by a trained NPH clinician and then analysed at a quality approved laboratory.

If your test result is positive, you must self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines. Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to travel therefore you should contact your airline or tour operator to discuss your options.

An indeterminate or unclear test result is one which cannot be confirmed as positive or negative.

In the rare situation that your test is indeterminate or unclear, the sample will be retested a 2nd time before you are issued with your certificate. This may cause delay to your result being sent to you and you may not be able to obtain a result within your timeframe. We have reduced the risk of invalid tests and false negatives considerably by providing a face-to-face testing service which helps to ensure an adequate sample is collected.

In the event of an indeterminate/unclear result you must take another test (at your own cost) or self-isolate for a further 10 days from the date of the test. We cannot issue a refund for an invalid / indeterminate result.