Covid-19 Services

Covid-19 Services

NPH Group are offering a range of services to help support individuals and businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please read the services we can offer, and select the right service for you.

At NPH Group, we are here to help you achieve better health in the workplace and support the economy to thrive for the benefit of all.

Our Testing Centres

Testing Centres

We offer a variety of tests, whether you need them for travelling, getting back to work or you just want peace of mind.

Please see below, and select the relevant test for you.

If you are travelling abroad, most countries now require a negative Covid-19 swab test and ‘Fit To Fly’ certificate to prove that you do not have the virus prior to travelling.

We also provide ‘General PCR Testing’ for non-travel reasons.

At our Testing Centres, we also offer Rapid Antigen Testing for specific flight carriers and countries, and we provide the Test to Release scheme as well.  We will also be offering the Day 2 and Day 8 Testing Travel Packs.

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Newcastle Airport


Leeds Bradford Airport


General Testing

Business Services

Business Services we offer

Following recent changes by the Government it is more important than ever to maintain and healthy and productive workforce.


NPH Group has a long track record of Occupational Health and Well-being, We provide the full suite of service and have established a great local reputation for doing things right, helping to enabling businesses to thrive.

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Test, Manage and Monitor Programme – There is a lot of concern and uncertainty for employees entering places of work, and if you would like to have the reassurance of a professional, clinical service to help prevent the spread of infection and enable early detection, then please click below:


Test Manage and Monitor Programme


Test Manager –  is an online platform through which you can submit employees COVID-19 test results directly to Public Health England (PHE), effortlessly and worry free.


Test Manager


Training Manager – We offer a training package for your First Aiders and other Health Care Professionals to undertake, so that they can successfully test employees within your business under the regulated clinical supervision requirements and using CE Marked and MHRA approved testing kits.


Training Manager