Testing for cruise passengers at Portsmouth

Rapid testing site for cruise passengers

Our new COVID-19 testing facility has opened to get travellers cruising safely again from Portsmouth.

We have opened the doors to a new testing facility that will provide Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen Tests near Portsmouth International Port. Throughout August, up to 12,000 passengers are set to sail with Virgin Voyages new Scarlet Lady cruise ship. The newly formed test facility at the Port will provide every traveller with quick, reliable and convenient testing prior to their travels.

As part of their holiday package, cruise ship passengers with Virgin Voyages are required to have two COVID vaccines, and also agree to have a negative antigen test before embarkation.

The new facility is located under two fully equipped marquees which are conveniently accessed via a COVID secure shuttle bus from the Port carpark.  On arrival, travellers go through a check-in process and are required to show their vaccine status using the NHS App or vaccination card, as well as  going into a testing booth. Passengers then get their results via email 20 minutes later, at the same time as a result notification being displayed in our Test Manager application, confirming whether they can proceed to Virgin Check In and embark the new cruise liner.

Mark Philpott, our CEO said: “We are extremely proud to be working with Virgin Voyages to make quality, efficient COVID-19 testing convenient and reliable for travellers. This not only helps people to cruise in British waters again, it also helps to support the cruise industry and open up more possibilities of international cruising, which was hit hard by the pandemic, and it will provide added revenues to one of our English ports.

“Our system ensures that travellers have a quick and smooth experience when going through the testing process near the port. There is only 20 minutes to wait for Lateral Flow Antigen Test results through our technology, so there is no unnecessary waiting around. A number of ‘Virgin Angels”’ also help support passengers every step of the way through the arrivals and embarkation process.

“It’s great to be able to provide this service to Virgin Voyages and help support them in getting people back out to sea safely again.”

Andrew Williamson, Portsmouth International Port’s passenger operations manager, said:

“The safety of passengers and staff remains our priority, and we want journeys through our port to be as comfortable and easy as possible.

“Portsmouth was the first port in the UK to be independently verified by independent assessors DNV, who graded the new COVID-19 protocols against hospital grade standards.

“We’re delighted to be working with NPH Group and Virgin Voyages on this dedicated testing facility which will ensure a smooth start for sailors boarding Scarlet Lady on the forthcoming Summer Soiree series of cruises from Portsmouth”

People taking Covid tests raise thousands for North East hospice

We have donated £18,500 to St Oswald’s Hospice after hundreds of people have been tested in the fight against Covid-19.

We are a leading provider of independent medical services in the North East, including medical and travel consultations, occupational health assessments, health screening, drug and alcohol testing, and work specific medical assessments. We also offer a number of different tests in support of the Covid 19 outbreak and are the provider of Covid-19 tests for passengers at both Newcastle International and Leeds Bradford Airports. Because of this, we have been able to donate profits made from Covid-19 tests to help adults and children with life-limiting conditions and their families at St Oswald’s Hospice.

Mark Philpott, NPH’s CEO said: “With so many people needing to take Covid-19 tests in the fight against the pandemic, we felt it was only right to put profits made from these tests back into the local community, for the benefit of people who need it the most.

“We are privileged to have been able to raise these funds for such an important cause. This money helps to fund the hospice’s vital work supporting local patients and their families at the most difficult time in their lives and in a year when times have been very hard for everyone.”

The donation equates to 925 hours of specialist nursing care at St Oswald’s Hospice. This will make a real difference to adults staying on their Inpatient Unit for end-of-life care or pain and symptom management, or for a young person who attends their Children and Young Adults Unit for short breaks.

Angela Egdell, Director of care services at St Oswald’s Hospice, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to NPH for choosing St Oswald’s as their charity partner and to all of their customers. By taking a test, you have not only helped to protect the wider community, but have also supported the work of your local hospice too. Thank you to everyone who has supported St Oswald’s patients and families in this way.

“This donation could not have come at a better time for us as it has been a very difficult year – where many of our usual funding streams were severely impacted by the pandemic. Having the support of companies like NPH has been very important in allowing us to provide the day to day care our patients need, while futureproofing our services for our community as we navigate uncertain times.”

Travel is resuming- all you need to know…

Travel is resuming – all you need to know…

Since the third lockdown began four months ago, international travel for non-essential purposes has been illegal. The ban on overseas travel will end on Monday 17 May. British holiday makers may soon have the option to jet off abroad – and travel is not as we once knew it.

Keep reading below to find out all you need to know ahead of the impending changes to international travel and the release of the travel green list.

Travel requirements

A negative COVID-19 status is essential for safe travel, and we provide testing at both Newcastle International Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport that aims to make COVID-19 testing accessible, affordable, and reliable for all travellers.

The service is supported by state-of-the-art testing laboratories within easy reach of the airports, ensuring prices are kept to a minimum and results can be turned around quickly.

You can simply visit our booking pages below to book a test at a date and time to suit. You then arrive for your test and receive your results within 36-48 hours via email.


Book at Newcastle Airport


Book at Leeds Bradford Airport


How we can help with testing 

At both Newcastle Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport, we offer a range of Covid-19 tests required for travel:

  • PCR Fit to Fly
  • PCR Test to Release
  • Rapid Antigen Tests
  • Day 2 & Day 8 Travel pack

Booking is easy, and your certificate and test result is sent directly to your email and/or our mobile application (iMed) which is coming soon.

If you have any questions, we have a dedicated 7 day a week call centre to provide assistance, as well as an online AI Robot to help with any Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

All tests are carried out face to face with a trained clinician and results are analysed in our ‘Gold standard’ laboratories.

As well as the tests and our technology to make your experience as smooth as it can be, we also offer free parking and a meet and greet service when you attend an appointment for testing at either airport. It all just helps to make your experience go well every time.

The Government traffic light system

The Government will use a traffic light system and put every Nation in a category depending on their current Covid-19 situation.

How does the traffic light system work?

Assessments will be based on a range of factors, including the proportion of a country’s population which has been vaccinated, rates of infection, emerging new variants and the country’s access to reliable scientific data and genomic sequencing.

The rules for people returning from each category are:

  • Green: There is no need to self-isolate. Take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on day two of your arrival in the UK.
  • Amber: Self-isolate for 10 days, unless you receive a negative result from a test taken at least five days after arrival. Take a pre-departure test, and PCR tests on day two and day eight of your arrival in the UK.
  • Red: Spend 10 days in a quarantine hotel. Take a pre-departure test, and PCR tests on day two and day eight of your arrival in the UK.

For the latest Government guidance and updates, please click here.

Employee Wellbeing – Covid-19 and beyond…

On 27th April, we hosted a panel discussion with Ward Hadaway and Wellbeing Works about learning lessons from businesses’ approach to protecting the wellbeing of the workforce over the last 12 months.

We talked to three very different businesses about their experiences of responding to the pandemic. You can see who we talked to below:

Jaya Sample, HR Manager at Home Group

Louise Williams, HR Advisor at Hitachi Rail

Alison Rodda, HR Executive at Isoclad Ltd

These three organisations are all different and have experienced very different challenges throughout the pandemic, but we explored what the common themes were between them all.

We discussed what each business did, or is still doing to look after their teams and continuously build resilience. We looked at how they have balanced the needs of the business with the personal wellbeing of their teams and how they measured the effectiveness of what they put in place.

It’s interesting to think about what we all think the challenges of the future are likely to look like…

This is the latest in the “Health and Wellbeing Group” series of webinars, looking at this important area of people development and management.

We will be continuing to deliver new webinars over the course of the year, so if you have particular areas you would like to be considered in future agendas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can watch the recording of last weeks webinar below:

Getting Yorkshire moving again


A new walk-in COVID-19 testing service has launched at Leeds Bradford Airport and we have opened the doors to this new facility that will provide quick and affordable PCR Tests and Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen Tests. We’ve partnered with Yourgene, a COVID-19 testing laboratory that will provide PCR testing as part of the service.

The site will provide COVID-19 screening tests to West Yorkshire residents and businesses, helping to identify asymptomatic positive cases for people in the community. Many destinations may require international travellers to provide a negative COVID-19 test in the future and the newly formed facility will provide passengers with a cost effective, reliable, and convenient testing service should this be required.

The facility will have capacity to provide tests for airport passengers returning to the UK, as part of the requirements for Test to Release. This will include offering PCR tests for people isolating at home after entering the UK from a destination that is not on the red list. These tests will be available from Day 5 of arrival and will allow travellers to release themselves from quarantine before the end of the mandated 10 days – providing they have a negative test result.

In addition to this, the site will offer COVID-19 tests as a Travel Pack for any LBA passengers returning to the UK. A recent Government announcement stated that travellers need to take two coronavirus tests while quarantining in an attempt to prevent and control new variants entering the country.  Arrivals will be required to get a test on Days 2 and 8 of their 10-day quarantine period, whether they are isolating at home or in a hotel, in addition to the optional Test to Release on Day 5. The Day 2 and 8 testing is designed to enable the authorities to track new cases more effectively.

The new PCR testing facility will be located conveniently at Viking Airport Parking at LBA, with free on-site parking available whilst having a test. The service will be supported by a state-of-the-art testing laboratory at Yourgene, ensuring that accurate results can be turned around quickly within 48hrs and the customer price is kept to a minimum. The PCR Fit to Fly test will cost £110.00.

It’s great that we’re able to provide this service and help support getting people back in the air safely.

You can find out more, or book an appointment below:

More information

Covid-19 Test to Release Scheme

Test to Release

We now provide for the new ‘Test to Release’ scheme. This is operated at the onsite testing facility at Newcastle Airport.

The Test to Release scheme allows passengers arriving into the UK from a destination that does not have a Travel Corridor to take a test after 5 days, and if negative, be released from the 10 day quarantine restriction.

Test to Release appointments can be booked prior to travel on our website.

The tests are facilitated at our on-site testing facility and cost £109.


Book Your Test Now

How does it work?

Step 1: Book your appointment on our website prior to departing for your destination or on arrival back into the UK.

Your appointment must be 5 full days after you arrive into the UK.

Step 2: Arrive at the airport and head to the testing facility at the Premium Meet & Greet car park located at the front of the terminal – Free Parking!

Step 3: A trained clinician will administer your PCR COVID-19 test and the results will be emailed to you within 48 hours.


More Information

Getting Newcastle flying again while supporting our local community

We have joined forces with Newcastle International Airport and MDNA Life Sciences to provide a quality and reliable COVID-19 PCR testing experience and will donate £1.00 per test to St Oswald’s Hospice

Passengers can attend our new testing facility at Newcastle Airport. Prices are set by the testing providers and the Regulatory Approved PCR test is currently only £99.00.

Our new COVID-19 testing at the airport is based in the ‘Premium Meet and Greet’ car park building. The facility provides a convenient location for passengers, with free onsite parking available. The service is being supported by a state of the art testing laboratory within easy reach of the airport, ensuring the price is kept to a minimum and the results can be turned around quickly.

Mark Philpott, CEO at NPH Group said:

“We are proud to be working with Newcastle Airport to make COVID-19 testing accessible, affordable and reliable for all travellers.

“We have worked hard to ensure the PCR test is as easy as possible for passengers. People can simply visit our website to book a test at a date and time to suit. They can then arrive for their test and receive their results within 36-48 hours of their appointment via email.

“The service is all about getting Newcastle Airport Flying again and supporting our local community, so we are making a donation of £1.00 for every test sold, to St Oswald’s Hospice, the chosen charity of NPH Group”.

Due to the volume of tests that have been sold, we were so pleased to be able to present them with a cheque of £3000.00, and had the pleasure of visiting them ourselves to do so.

Jane Hogan, Head of Fundraising at St Oswald’s Hospice said:

“We are so grateful to NPH Group for choosing St Oswald’s as their charity partner. We rely on the generous support of our business community, and at the end of what has been a challenging year for fundraising, we are delighted to be benefitting from the sale of the Covid tests. The money raised will support the hospice through the long winter and allow us to continue providing quality care to North East adults and children when they need us the most.”

For more information or to book a test, please click the button below:

More information

Covid-19 Airport Testing

Let’s get Newcastle flying again…

Newcastle Airport is working in collaboration with two local COVID-19 testing companies to provide quick and affordable tests to passengers travelling from the Airport.

NPH Group has joined forces with Newcastle International Airport and MDNA Life Sciences to provide COVID-19 PCR tests and when possible rapid antigen and antibody tests.

Many destinations now require passengers to provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test and it is hoped the newly formed service will provide passengers with a cost effective, reliable and convenient COVID-19 testing service prior to their travels.

The COVID-19 tests facilitated by NPH Group are able to book now and passengers will be able to attend the testing facility at Newcastle Airport from Tuesday 1st December. Prices are set by the testing providers and the PCR test will cost £99.00.

The new COVID-19 testing facility at the airport will be based in the ‘Premium Meet and Greet’ car park building. The facility provides a convenient location for passengers, with free on site parking available. The service will be supported by a state of the art testing laboratory within easy reach of the airport, ensuring the price is kept to a minimum and the results can be turned around quickly.

Richard Knight, Chief Operating Officer at Newcastle Airport said “Spain, the Canary Islands and several other destinations require passengers to have a negative PCR COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before arrival.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our passengers to travel to their destination. As such, we have worked hard to develop a relationship with two highly experienced and well-regarded local companies with COVID-19 testing facilities.

“Unlike postal tests, the tests provided by NPH Group and MDNA Life Sciences are administered by trained clinicians which decreases the likelihood of an inconclusive result. Passengers can receive their certified result within 36-48 hours which, if negative, allows them to travel to their chosen destination.”

Mark Philpott, CEO at NPH Group said: “We are proud to be working with Newcastle Airport to make COVID-19 testing accessible, affordable and reliable for all travellers.

“We have worked hard to ensure the PCR test is as easy as possible for passengers. People can simply visit our website to book a test at a date and time to suit. They can then arrive for their test and receive their results within 36-48 hours via email.

“MDNA has a state-of-the-art laboratory in Newcastle city centre equipped to Category 2 Biological Safety standard. They hold a license from the UK Human Tissue Authority and testing procedures which are compliant with the ISO 15189:2012 standard required for quality and competence in medical laboratories.

“It’s great to be able to provide this service to the airport and help support them in getting people back in the air again.”

Passengers looking to book a test can find out more here.

COVID – 19: Stress Awareness Month

Raising awareness around stress

April marks Stress Awareness Month and it aims to make people aware about the different effects of stress. Here at NPH, we thought it especially important to bring this to people’s attention given the circumstances. We hope this blog will help you understand, seek advice if you need it or just raise your awareness.

Coronavirus has seen us all enter a stage of uncertainty and being concerned about the news is understandable, but for many people it can make existing mental health problems, such as stress, worse.

First, it’s important to remember that it is ok to feel this way and that everyone reacts differently to certain situations. What we need to remember is that this situation is only temporary.

Given the circumstances, it’s normal to feel a bit stressed about everything. It’s important that your concerns are shared with others that you trust. If you can’t speak to someone you know, or if doing so has not helped, there are plenty of helplines you can try instead.

We have contacts you may wish to use – please see here.

Sticking to the facts can help how you feel massively – find a reliable source you can trust – such as GOV.UK or the NHS website – and double check any facts or information you get from newsfeeds, social media or other people.

It’s normal to be feeling stressed as we haven’t experienced anything like this before. It may be difficult trying to deal with the uncertainty, as each day things unfold so quickly, but just remember it’s normal and expected.

To help with the feeling of stress, and to manage your mental health, the key is to be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way you do, or if you feel you’re not coping as well as you’d like. This is new, for all of us. We’re not suddenly going to become perfect at working from home or be used to being restricted to what we can and can’t do, it’s normal and there are people to help.

Make sure you still do the things you enjoy if you can, you can still read, listen, learn and watch. Staying connected is important, so be sure to keep in touch with people you trust and can talk to.

Life has become stressful, uncertain and challenging for us all because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s vital to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel during this difficult time. Everyone reacts and copes differently to the situations they’re in.

How have you been affected by Coronavirus?  Share your experiences or ask us any questions by emailing us info@newcastlepremierhealth.com. We’re here to help.

Please refer to our blog on how to look after your mental health – click here, or for guidance and information, please see here – www.newcastlepremierhealth.com/coronavirus 

For more help and support with your health and wellbeing concerns please visit – www.newcastlepremierhealth.com/services/private-health-care/ or call our main support line for advice on 0191 6053140

COVID-19: Protecting your Mental Health

Protecting your mental health and wellbeing throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has seen us all enter into a stage of uncertainty and with this in mind, there are measures we can take to stay calm. The news can be overwhelming, and this is having an effect on people’s mental health, so what can we do to keep our minds happy and healthy?

Being concerned about the news is understandable, but for many people it can make existing mental health problems worse.


Try and limit the news and be careful what you read – not everything you see online is true. Having long periods away from news websites and social media can help to manage anxiety, stress or worries you may be feeling during this difficult time.

Reduce the amount of time you spend reading or watching things which aren’t making you feel better. Perhaps decide on a specific time to check in with the news and when you know it’s going to be coming from a reliable source.

Such reliable sources include the NHS website, information coming straight from the Government, Public Health England (PHE) and The World Health Organisation (WHO).  Any news you watch on live television, make sure it’s from a professional source too – like the BBC.

Be careful and mindful about which accounts you tune into daily. Give yourself some peaceful, quiet time when you’re at home to escape the chaos.

Some social media specific key tips you can follow could include;

  • Avoid clicking on Coronavirus hashtags
  • Muting key words which might be triggering on Twitter and unfollow or mute accounts
  • Muting WhatsApp groups and hiding Facebook posts and feeds if you find them too overwhelming

For individuals with OCD and types of anxiety, being constantly told to wash your hands can be especially difficult to hear. During this time, it’s important to wash your hands – but not excessively.

Many people are already in isolation, and it’s expected that others will follow. Rather than seeing it as a negative, turn it in to a positive – stay connected with people. Agree check-in times on a regular basis and feel connected to the people around you.


If you’re self-isolating, strike a balance between having a routine and making sure each day has some variety.

It might end up actually feeling like quite a productive time away from the office and your normal working day. Rather than feeling like you’re ‘trapped’.

This pandemic doesn’t mean you should stop doing the things you normally would.

Remember to still exercise, eat well and stay hydrated.

How have you been affected by Coronavirus?  Share your experiences or ask us any questions by emailing us info@newcastlepremierhealth.com. We’re here to help.

Read more about our guidance and information – www.newcastlepremierhealth.com/coronavirus 

For more help and support with your health and wellbeing concerns please visit – www.newcastlepremierhealth.com/services/private-health-care/ or call our main support line for advice on 0191 6053140