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Occupational Health and General Medical services in Newcastle and North East

NPH Group is a leading provider of independent medical services in Newcastle and the North East. Our wide range of medical services includes General Practice consultations, travel advice and immunisations, occupational health assessments, medical screening, and work specific medical assessments for pilots, divers, seafarers and offshore workers.

We offer the highest quality medical services for you, your family and your employees.

Our doctors are primary health care physicians with extensive experience of NHS general practice and a broad range of specialist skills and qualifications in occupational medicine.

NPH Group offers the option of high quality care, longer consultations and continuity of doctor with the flexibility required to suit your lifestyle and work commitments.

Our modern and well-equipped clinic provides a relaxed atmosphere for occupational health screening, medical consulting and travel clinic services in purpose built premises close to Newcastle city centre.

Independent general practice

-A traditional doctor-patient relationship, based upon trust and continuity of care.

-Longer consultations and excellent communication, the opportunity to fully understand your needs.

-Newcastle Premier Health need not replace your NHS GP, but may provide an additional service complementing your existing GP care.

-Fast access to skilled, approachable and knowledgeable doctors, when you need it.


Occupational health services

-NPH Group are specialists in the prevention, treatment and management of work-related illness.

-Occupational Health is not just a prudent option.

-It has been shown to bring cost benefits for your business, improved health for your employees, and greater productivity at work.


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Covid-19 Airport Testing

Let’s get Newcastle flying again… Newcastle Airport is working in collaboration with two local COVID-19 testing companies to provide quick and affordable tests to passengers travelling from the Airport. NPH Group has joined forces with Newcastle International Airport and MDNA Life Sciences to provide COVID-19 PCR tests and when possible rapid antigen and antibody tests. […]

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Triple Antibody Near Patient Test

A Triple Antibody Near Patient Test will tell you if you have previously been exposed to Covid-19 and if so, what type of antibodies you have developed. This test identifies three types of antibodies produced by your immune system during a Covid-19 infection.

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